LS400 Sub-Bass

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The LS400 Sub-Bass extends the usable range of the PS8 Loudspeaker to 40Hz, providing high performance and high power output (131dB Peak) in an extremely compact, light weight package. The NEXO-designed shielded 12in Neodymium driver allows the LS400 to be used in close proximity to magnetically sensitive video equipment. One LS400 is typically used with two PS8 loudspeakers, additional units may be used for an enhanced LF impact. The PS8 TDController’s integral sub section and combined signal (PS8 and LS400) Speakon wiring ensure cost-effective and simple system implementation.

System Application:

  • Installed PA for clubs, A/V, theatre, broadcast, Houses of Worship, theme parks, etc.
  • High-quality, low-profile stage monitoring for clubs, A/V, theatre, broadcast, etc.
  • Near-field, down-fill and under-balcony systems in support of larger, touring NEXO PS/Alpha systems.
  • Foreground and background music source for retail establishments seeking audio with impact.
  • Anywhere powerful, high-quality performance is required adjacent to magnetically-sensitive video equipment.

Key Features:

  • High-power system (131dB Peak SPL @ 1m) with 12in VLF low magnetic emission
  • VLF extension (to 40Hz) of PS8 Loudspeakers.
  • Neodymium driver for light weight (14.6kg, 32lbs) and negligible magnetic leakage.
  • Sophisticated control electronics ensure reliable, linear operation.
  • VLF extension (to 40Hz) of PS8 Loudspeakers.

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