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Extending NEXO’s offering of the patent pending RAY SUB design, the RS18 is the second product to feature this technology. The RS18 sets a new standard for performance and versatility capabilities that 2×18″ sub bass cabinets can provide.

Ray SUB Technology is based on optimizing positioning and phase relationships of radiating surfaces in vented enclosures that permits acoustic distance from rear to front sections to always increase as frequency decreases; consequently rear and front sections sum up efficiently over the entire subwoofer bandwidth, allowing for an average of 5db gain from the rear section in the forward direction and cancelling in the rear direction.

Utilized in a stand alone format, RAY SUB Technology allows the same cabinet to be configured for any polar pattern, omni-directional as a standard direct radiating subwoofer when speakers are facing the audience, or highly directional when a speaker cabinet is rotated sideways or upwards. With arrays, RAY SUB subwoofers can be set back to back, front to front, alternate, in vertical columns, and when column length is sufficient, be beam-steered upwards or downwards.

Comprised of two 18 inch transducers with a frequency response of 31Hz – 100Hz and a sensitivity of 107db SPL, the RS18 presents an unchallenged versatility for installations and touring requirements where large format sub-bass cabinets are required.

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