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The RS15 is the first product to feature NEXO‘s patent-pending RAY SUB Technology. Comprised of a 15 inch transducer with a frequency response of 35Hz – 200Hz in omni or 35Hz- 150Hz in directional mode and a sensitivity of 105db SPL, the RS 15 presents an unchallenged versatility for installation and touring requirements.

The RS15 sub does not face the same direction while in omni and cardioid mode. In cardioid mode, the RS15 sidewalls (where the rigging system is attached) behave as the cabinet’s front and rear face installation cost and complexity.

As such, RS15’s cardioid LF and VLF energy propagates from only one end of the enclosure, rather than from the front face. This behavior is maintained regardless of whether speaker cones are positioned on the side or top.

Key Features:

  • Precision circuits engineered for the PS15-R2/RS15 systems permit increased sound pressure and operational reliability.
  • Servo controlled VCEQs provide precise dynamic control without spectral imbalance.
  • Two inputs and three outputs enable a single PS15TD-R2 to manage multiple PS15R2 and RS15 products.
  • User configurable for passive or active (bi-amp) operation of the PS15R2 Loudspeaker.
  • Comprehensive indicators and controls.

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