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The PS8 Loudspeaker features advanced NEXO designed low magnetic emission Neodymium drivers, making the PS8 extremely light and compact while usable next to magnetically-sensitive professional video or computer equipment. The dispersion, architecture and weight balance of the PS8 Loudspeaker are designed to provide exceptional PA/stage monitor performance from a single product without compromise. Background and foreground music playback applications are equally well-served by the PS8 system.

This flexibility is realized by a proprietary constant directivity asymmetrical dispersion horn, easily configurable (by users)in four positions by 90° rotations. Coupled with the horn’s unique progressive horizontal (50° to 100°) and vertical (55°) dispersion, the most suitable pattern can be selected for vertical or horizontal PA usage or wedge monitoring. The PS8’s 2- way passive 8Ω design emplopys a single amplifier channel to deliver bi-amped performance for less money, space and complexity. The PS8 Loudspeaker System is the smallest member of NEXO’s acclaimed PS Series. Versatile and compact, while offering full-range output, PS8 loudspeakers are tailored for a wide range of touring and fixed sound reinforcement applications. Like all NEXO products, the PS8 Loudspeaker, and optional LS400 Subwoofer, are designed to work with advanced electronic processors, guaranteeing the highest standards of consistent performance and reliability.

System Application:

  • Installed PA for clubs, A/V, theatre, broadcast, Houses of Worship, theme parks, etc.
  • High-quality, low-profile stage monitoring for clubs, A/V, theatre, broadcast, etc.
  • Near-field, down-fill and under-balcony systems in support of larger, touring NEXO PS/Alpha systems.
  • Foreground and background music source for retail establishments seeking audio with impact.
  • Anywhere powerful, high-quality performance is required adjacent to magnetically-sensitive video equipment.

Key Features:

  • High-power system (125dB Peak SPL @ 1m) with new 8in LF and 1in HF low magnetic emission Neodymium drivers for light weight (7.5 kg, 16.5lbs) and negligible magnetic leakage.
  • Rotatable, asymmetrical horn and unique cabinet architecture ensure versatility; user-adaptable for both PA and stage monitoring applications.
  • Neodymium driver for light weight (14.6kg, 32lbs) and negligible magnetic leakage.
  • Two-way passive 8W design uses a single amplifier channel for simpler installation and lower cost.
  • Sophisticated control electronics ensure reliable, linear operation. Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories.

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