El Kapitan Takes Control Of NEXO in the Philippines

El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.In just three years, El Kapitan has taken a solid share of the institutional and corporate events market, by focussing on high-end technical solutions and client services for demanding corporate users including telecom and pharmaceutical companies, and the large-scale Philippino business events which almost always include live music as an essential medium.

Armando Galang, a well known and respected entrepreneur with many years of international experience, explained El Kapitan’s NEXO alliance this way; “when we decided to enter the rental market, we wanted to offer a professional service in par with what’s available worldwide. Providing service quality and technical expertise is not so common in Philippines and we want to raise our standard way above the others.”

After an early investment in JBL HLA, El Kapitan found they needed a greater edge to distance themselves from local EV and Martin Audio competition. In Q1 2006, after evaluating the best products in the market, including local reputation of leading brands, Mr. Galango invested in a newly-introduced NEXO GEO D system.

One year later, the GEO D investment proved to be a total success with their existing clients and helped double their clientele. Word-of-mouth praise for El Kapitan’s NEXO technology further meant they could post premium fees for any GEO D array rental. Today, after added investment in portable PS15 systems, El Kapitan’s five trucks and professional crews are fully booked every day to deliver sound, lights (exclusive Robe user) and staging gear across the busy Metro Manila market.

Mr Galang recently doubled his GEO D inventory to include 24x GEO D10 and GEO SUBS, as well as fortifying his CD18 SubBass inventory to support local demand that had spread through the Philippino pro audio grapevine. El Kapitan has further invested in large numbers of PS Series cabinets for multiple installation projects and to support expanding levels of sub-hire requests for NEXO technology (in the wake of their success).

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