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The PS10 TDController R2 is an advanced analogue processor that allows the PS10R2 Loudspeaker and optional LS600 Subwoofer to achieve exceptional performance from such compact packages. The PS10TD-R2 provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and system equalisation optimised for the PS10R2 and LS600. One PS10TD-R2 has two inputs and three outputs, L, R and summed sub out, minimising installation cost and complexity.

Like all NEXO processors, the PS10TD-R2 provides precision dynamic, voice coil temperature and diaphragm displacement protection through the use of selective Voltage Controlled Equalisers (VCEQs), reducing levels only at frequencies when and where necessary.

Key Features:

  • Precision circuits engineered for the PS10-R2/LS600 systems permit increased sound pressure and operational reliability.
  • Servo-controlled VCEQs provide precise dynamic control without spectral imbalance.
  • Two inputs and three outputs enable a single PS10TD-R2 to manage multiple PS10-R2 and LS600 products.
  • Comprehensive indicators and controls.