GEO S830 Vertical / Horizontal Array Module

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The GEO S830 has proven the value and effectiveness of both vertical and horizontal tangent arrays. Its patent-pending Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource creates tangent wavefronts whether the adjacent cabinets are additional S830s or 0.125°-5° GEO S805s. The unique geometry of the HRW allows the S830 to be used as a down-fill for vertical tangent arrays of S805 modules, or as a 30° building block in horizontal tangent arrays. In either orientation, the S830 delivers totally coherent high frequencies, transparent midrange and solid low end with its neodymium 1"-exit compression driver and long excursion 8" cone transducer.

An ingenious magnetic locking system joins multiple monitors together to form arrays. The compact, low profile design is less conspicuous than conventional monitors (ideal for live TV production), and the 45°N 12 features a non-slip base with a skid system and ergonomic handle for easy repositioning on stage.

Product Features:

  • 8" long throw neodymium woofer with Directivity Phase Device™
  • 1"-exit neodymium compression driver on Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource™
  • Configurable Directivity Flange™ allows 80° or 120° horizontal dispersion