GEO S1230

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The S1230 is a two-way enclosure, which achieves exceptional MF-LF output (103dB SPL nominal sensitivity-1W@1m) from a single 12" loudspeaker, coupled to a proprietary Directivity Phase Device (DPD). Vertical MF/HF pattern control is array-dependent, horizontal MF/HF coverage is configurable at 80° or 120°. NEXO's compact, 2-way GEO S1230 is a scalable high-output, loudspeaker module. While a narrow-Q (30°) device in single-source mode, S1230's unique Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource (HRW) also allows coupled S1230s to radiate as coherent, wavefronts,in either horizontally or vertically arrayed systems.

GEO S1230's coupled MF/HF pattern control is arraydependent, as designed by GEOSoft2 array software, and configured according to venue -specific geometry.Non-coupled MF/HF coverage configures at 80°or 120°.The S1230 module displays exceptional MF-LF output(103dBSPL nominal sensitivity -1W @1m) from a single12" loudspeaker and NEXO's proprietary Directivity Phase Device (DPD). Precise, intercabinet angle adjustments, are optimized by integral flying system hardware while NEXO's digital N242 TDcontroller maximizes S1230's MF/HF coherency.

GEO S1230 is Recommeded For:

  • Stadia/Arena/Auditorium Installations (Any Scale)
  • High Traffic Walkways and Public Waiting Areas
  • Foreground Playback for Nightclubs and discos
  • Corporate AV and Presentation Systems
  • Portable Entertainment and dJ Systems
  • Small to Mid-Size Tour Systems
  • Houses of Worship