GEO-S12 and RS15 Makes Their Debut at Palmm Philippines

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El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.Consultants and rental companies who were present for the demos handled by NEXO’s distributor in the Philipines, El Kaptian, were impressed by the power and control of the LF energy of the CD18 subs, and how the fully active top-to-bottom cardioid system provided maximum rear cancellation, which people experienced for the first time in the Philippines. Many were stunned while passing by the system rear to the front to hear the level suddenly and sharply rise 12-16dB on the median line.

The GEO D system was flown using proprietary single mast self-balanced and motorised towers designed and manufactured by El Kapitan themselves. The GEO D system was part of El Kapitan's rental inventory that has become over the last two years the most sought after sound system in Manila, with a booking of being out almost every second day.


As Armando Galang puts it: 'last year we were doing lots of system 'battles' with other rental companies, and we kept coming on top, this illustrates the GEO D is way above anything else around" El Kapitan has always focused on high quality service to be the best rental company in the Philippines. "We took our time and let the market understand and taste the high sound quality of NEXO systems first. We never dropped our rental price on this system, preferring to give up jobs. But today, all of our clients are asking for NEXO, and have agreed to meet our price level".

Indoor on El-Kapitan's NEXO booth, the new GEO S12 and RS15 system were being launched with a tremendous reception from the Philippines pro sound market, while the PS series conveyed their brand reputation of highly versatile compact and powerful solutions. The show was a real success with several Manila rental companies signing up to purchase GEO S12 and joining El Kapitan's network of NEXO rental houses.