Newly Acquired NEXO 45°N-12 Stage Monitor

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El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.EL KAPITAN has recently acquired the revolutionary NEXO 45N-12 which is the world’s first line monitor, bringing all the benefits of line array technology to the stage.

Unlike a conventional high frequency waveguide in which the exit is rectangular, the NEXO monitor’s waveguide forms a “smile” enabling cabinets to be linked together to form arrays with no interference between wavefronts. Now there is a single monitor reference covering the needs of all musicians, scalable for wider coverage and higher SPLs.

The 45N-12 delivers very high headroom before feedback, and focuses coverage only where it is needed, resulting in lower acoustic power on stage. SPL and frequency response are consistent up to 2.5 metres back.

An ingenious magnetic locking system joins multiple monitors together to form arrays. The compact, low profile design is less conspicuous than conventional monitors (ideal for live TV production), and the 45N-12 features a non-slip base with a skid system and ergonomic handle for easy repositioning on stage.

Smart Sailing

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After a brief excursion to the UAE, Armando Galang returned to Manila to take a leading place among local hire companies with El Kapitan Pro Sound & Light.

El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.WHEN ARMANDO GALANG dropped anchor in the Persian Gulf in 1977 to set up his home in Sharja, UAE, it’s safe to say that he didn’t envisage his pre-retirement plans taking him back to his native Manila to direct one of the most progressive PA rental companies in the Philippines. But for the self-styled El Kapitan, it has been a welcome turn of events. The seafarer now refers terra firma to the salt of the seven seas and,having returned to dry land, his company has ingenously transformed his fortunes by virtue of an eager crew of helpers and rich booty of audio equipment.

The PA rental business in the Philippines is composed of a large number of small-scale companies that often pool their comparatively limited resources in order to host the large touring productions that are increasingly appearing in Manila as part of worldwide tours. In a country where fragmented island geography creates poor business logistics, cost continues to outweigh quality and the notoriously congested roads of Manila hamper the efforts of rental companies trying to go about their daily business, El Kapitan has charted new waters and has made rich picking as a result.

GEO-S12 and RS15 Makes Their Debut at Palmm Philippines

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El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.Consultants and rental companies who were present for the demos handled by NEXO’s distributor in the Philipines, El Kaptian, were impressed by the power and control of the LF energy of the CD18 subs, and how the fully active top-to-bottom cardioid system provided maximum rear cancellation, which people experienced for the first time in the Philippines. Many were stunned while passing by the system rear to the front to hear the level suddenly and sharply rise 12-16dB on the median line.

The GEO D system was flown using proprietary single mast self-balanced and motorised towers designed and manufactured by El Kapitan themselves. The GEO D system was part of El Kapitan's rental inventory that has become over the last two years the most sought after sound system in Manila, with a booking of being out almost every second day.

El Kapitan Takes Control Of NEXO in the Philippines

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El Kapitan Pro-Sounds & Lights is the Exclusive Distributor of NEXO Products in The Philippines.In just three years, El Kapitan has taken a solid share of the institutional and corporate events market, by focussing on high-end technical solutions and client services for demanding corporate users including telecom and pharmaceutical companies, and the large-scale Philippino business events which almost always include live music as an essential medium.

Armando Galang, a well known and respected entrepreneur with many years of international experience, explained El Kapitan's NEXO alliance this way; "when we decided to enter the rental market, we wanted to offer a professional service in par with what's available worldwide. Providing service quality and technical expertise is not so common in Philippines and we want to raise our standard way above the others."