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EL KAPITAN PRO SOUNDS AND LIGHTS was established in January 2004 by a retired Sea Captain, Capt. Armando Galang. Sailing throughout the seven seas, he saw the witnessed the various professional sounds and lights equipments supplied at countless performances. Upon returning to his native soil, one thing was abundantly clear, the local scene needs a little bit of upgrading. The Captain decided to put up a company dedicated to supplying premium quality audio and lighting equipments and services to the Philippine market.

El Kapitan set sail in the local market armed with JBL Sound Factor boxes that were powered with crown CTS series power amplifiers. To bring light to the darkness, Robe moving heads were shipped directly from Robe Czechoslovakia. The impact on the market was tremendous. Within 6 months, El Kapitan upgraded its equipment to meet the high client demand.

JBL HLA series ground shaking speakers were brought on board and powered by Crown VZ power amplifiers. Even additional Robe 1200 watts moving heads were added to help light up the Philippine events scene. The powerful performance of the HLA speakers and lighting efficiency of the Robe 1200s captivated clients.

Due to the increasing clientele, El Kapitan upgraded to the awe inspiring NEXO GEO D series speakers and NEXO GEO SUB imported from NEXO S.A. France. The boxes are powered by the top German line of CAMCO power amplifiers generating 6000 watts RMS per unit. Aluminum trusses from Netherlands, staging platforms, and tents were also acquired. El Kapitan can perform anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and anytime to meet our clients’ demands. Through the power and clarity of the flawless performing new units, El Kapitan brought onboard numerous new clients as the demand for the NEXO has continually increases.

In its quest for excellence, El Kapitan has partnered with NEXO to bring the elite NEXO products to the Philippines. Today, El Kapitan is the sole and exclusive distributor of NEXO products in the Philippines. Clients, distributors, and suppliers can contact El Kapitan to order any NEXO product they so desire.

But equipments alone are not enough, El Kapitan ensures that its crew and staff are professional trained. At El Kapitan, we strive to make sure that each event will be memorable and forever treasured.

From the humble beginning of January 2004 to today, El Kapitan has transformed itself into a highly competitive and quality performing technical supplier. It is presently located in Naga Road corner Country Homes, Pulang Lupa II, Las Piñas City.

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