• Sounds Rental Services

    Powered With Top Level Amplifiers

    El Kapitan carries an array of sound equipment to satisfy every audio need and desire. We carry the world renowned NEXO speakers that guarantee power without sacrificing power...

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  • Lights Rental Services

    The Heart of Our Visual Symphony

    El Kapitan’s lighting equipment can turn any event in a symphony of visual brilliance. The colorful and exciting Molefay, Theather Lights, PAR and LED lights create a visually orgasmic display...

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  • Stage Rental Services

    Amazing Brilliance Across Any Stage

    El Kapitan is proud to offer to the public its wide collection of sturdy Erosrruss Aluminum Trusses that can be easily assembled in any stage setting that an event needs...

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  • Elite NEXO Products

    Power and Clarity

    Today, El Kapitan is the sole and exclusive distributor of NEXO products in the Philippines. Clients, distributors, and suppliers can contact El Kapitan to order any NEXO product they so desire...

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  • Company Profile

    From the humble beginning of January 2004

    El Kapitan has transformed itself into a highly competitive and quality performing technical supplier. It is presently located in Naga Road corner Country Homes, Pulang Lupa II, Las Piñas City...

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Welcome to El Kapitan Pro-Sounds and Lights

  • GEO D10
  • GEO D10_1
  • GEO D10_2
  • GEO D10_3
  • GEO-S1210
  • GEO-S1210_2
  • LS400-R2
  • LS500
  • NXAMP_1
  • NXAMP_2
  • NXAMP_3
  • PS10-R2
  • PS10-R2_1
  • PS10-R2_2
  • PS10-R2_3
  • PS10-R2_4
  • PS10-R2_5
  • PS10-R2_6
  • PS10TD-V3
  • PS10TD-V3_1
  • PS15-R2
  • PS15-R2_1
  • PS15-R2_2
  • PS15-R2_3
  • PS15-R2_4
  • PS15-R2_5
  • PS15-R2_6
  • PS15TD-V3
  • PS15TD-V3_1
  • PS8-R2
  • PS8-R2_1
  • PS8-R2_2
  • PS8-R2_3
  • PS8-R2_4
  • PS8-R2_5
  • RS15
  • RS15_1
  • RS15_2
  • RS15_3
  • geos805
  • geos805_1
  • geos830
  • geos830_1
  • ls1200